Dr. Mahsa Khaghani as an experienced clinician in orthodontics, periodontal surgery, and dental implant surgery, Dr. Khaghani is also currently leading with her sister, a team of over 30 dentists towards dental evolution, in their 3 locations in Madrid, Citadental for the last 25 years.

She thinks that coincidences do not exist. She would translate everything into the fact that she is very lucky, in capital letters, to dedicate herself to a profession that she is passionate about. In addition to having that luck, she is very concerned about doing things better and better and improving herself every day. She really likes to set herself challenges and goals to overcome them. This, she believes, is the key to success in any trade and in any profession. 

She would fundamentally highlight the fact that she likes her patients not to feel that they are in a dental clinic. It´s very important for her that to make feel the patients comfortable and she gives high priority to the personalized treatment, the comfort of the patient and, of course, all accompanied with the aim of giving the highest possible quality to each patient. Therefore, she tries that all the staff has an exquisite treatment and for this purpose, she tries to make the atmosphere in the clinic, the decor and colors are, as far as possible, as pleasant as possible to generate the best comfort to our patients.

Recently, she was awarded with the Invisalign Apex category, being named as one of the doctors who performs the most number of Invisalign cases per year in Europe.